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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/80s-Drum-Grooves-300x300.jpg

    GrooveBox Vol. 1

    Introducing our latest creation, the "GrooveBox Vol.1” sample pack – a meticulously curated collection of sounds and samples derived from various vintage Groove Boxes. We've seamlessly rearranged these timeless elements to craft an entirely new groove, injecting life and energy into your music production. Ideal for genres such as…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Iglesias-Authentic-Drum-Grooves-300x300.jpg

    Iglesias Authentic Drum Grooves

    Woodlands Studio are proud to release Iglesias’ signature Drum Grooves and Fills as our latest edition to the Artist Pack Collection. The Authentic Drum Grooves sample pack is full of the drum loops and fills that you would expect to hear in every one of Iglesias’ records. All drums are recorded using the…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/lh_ironage-300x94.jpg

    Iron Age Audio Works EQ

      The LH95 gives your mix a vintage class A inductor tone. A Baxandall low and high shelf, as well as a peaked mid band with six presence frequencies, are implemented using three discrete gain blocks. We will fine-tune your shelf, use the low and high pass filters to get enormous bass or sculpted highs. This is a secret weapon of ours.
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/manley-var-mu-300x168.jpg

    Manley Variable MU

    Compress and limit your mix bus with this compressor/limiter, which is known for its beautiful sounding colour due to it's tube circuitry and unique Manley input/output transformers. With a touch of mild 1.5:1 compression or 20:1 limiting, the Variable Mu will kiss your audio or destroy unwanted transients. You've heard the Manley Variable Mu in tens of thousands of songs; now it's your turn!
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    Digital Mastering is the process of increasing the perceived loudness and clarity of your mix, all while using solely digital processing techniques.
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Minimal-Percussive-Glitch-Loops-WEB-300x300.jpg

    Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops

    Encompassing 100 analog processed glitched loops and textures – Woodlands Studio are proud to present Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops. Glitches came about in the late 1990s as technology progressed and computer-aided composition slowly eclipsed the traditional analogue approach which has now become a huge aid and trend….(continued)

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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/no-mastering-required-v2-300x261.png

    No Mastering Required

    Digital Mastering is not required for this order.
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Old-School-Breaks-Sample-Pack-1-300x300.jpg

    Old School Breaks

    Meticulously sampled from old school funk, hip hop and house – Woodlands Studio presents Old School Breaks. A chunky selection of drum sections that will provide a formidable strength to your beats.  TThese ruff drum loops have been sampled from old school records and ideal for beat makers in need of classic sounds and warm textured rhythms on demand…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/pultec_eqp1a-300x249.jpg

    Pultec EQP1A

    With this classic smooth sounding EQ, soak your music in the warmth of tubes and transformers. It is hard to find a piece of hardware or software that can match Pultec's legendary magic of simultaneous boosting and cutting in overlapping frequencies. Your sound will benefit from actual analogue processing thanks to its inductor type filters, Cinemag input/output transformers, and tube girth.
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