Stem Mixing

At Woodlands Studio, we can accept and provide any file type, sample rate, and bit depth. We welcome feedback and client input with open arms and will view the back and forth communication as an essential part of the process when stem mixing. This is because when it comes to stem mixing, we are there to enhance what you have already done and add that extra flair that often a second set of ears are able to achieve. Ultimately it is your record and we are just there to help bring it to life.

Therefore, this service is for artists who are happy with their own mixdowns but need that extra 20%. Make sure that you’re as happy as you can be with your mixdown before you send your track to be stem mixed. We are able to make slight changes within stems using certain processes but any major issues with balancing and panning we will not be able to fix. This service is about enhancing your mixdown and not about dramatically fixing problems/ issues. Please remember that you need to keep on all of your effects as opposed to a full mixdown where we will ask you to remove them all. The only plugin to be removed is a sidechain compressor on your bass stem as we will do this ourselves and also the plugins and processing on your master output channel. Please let us know if the stem mixdown is urgent and we will see if we can make some changes to our schedule to get you in early.

How to send your music?

Remove all plugins from the master output channel (ie Compression, Maximisers, Limiters, Tape emulators etc…)

When exporting/ bouncing, make sure dithering and normalising is turned off.

Allow reverb/ delays/ fx to play out at the end of the track when suitable

Critically listen to your track before hand. Ensure that you are happy with the final production before the mixing and mastering mastering stage.

Remember not to leave your tracks until the last minute of a deadline. Allow us enough time to master your tracks properly.

If you are ensure whether your track is ready, please use our ‘In-depth Feedback Service‘ before hand for further guidance.

Send the bounced audio file stems from your project. This can be up to 9 separate stems. Split them up as followed:

  • Kick Drum
  • Main Clap/ Snare
  • Percussion
  • Bass
  • FX
  • Synths
  • Pads
  • Lead Vocal
  • Backing vocals/ Ad libs

Put all the audio files into a compressed zip file. If you are unsure how to prepare and send your music feel free to contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to exceptionally high demand the current turnaround time for mixes and masters is 7 – 14 days. Please ensure you use a file hosting tool where the files can be stored and shared for longer than 7 days.

Flat Price

  • 1-9 Channels:
  • £165
  • Extras:
  • 9-11 Channels:
  • £185
  • 11-13 Channels:
  • £210
  • 13-15 Channels:
  • £230

What do you get in return?

  • 1x WAV Premaster

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