Single Track In-depth Advice & Feedback

At Woodlands Studio, we know that often a second set of ears is what is needed for those last minute tweaks within the mix or to the production itself. This service will be done directly by Iglesias.

This service is for producers that want some in-depth advice on their productions before either sending off to labels as demos, sending off to be mixed and/ or mastered or to just have some piece of mind that it will sound good on any club sound system and other playback formats. Often clients are not sure if the track is totally finished and ready to be sent off without making endless amounts of adjustments and tweaks. We are offering this service because often we have to send back mixdowns and premasters multiple times before they are actually ready to start work on – this service will speed up that process if you are unsure if the track is ready for these services.

In this service we can offer:

  • Time Stamped detailed feedback about production.
  • Detailed feedback about mixing, levels, balancing.
  • Detailed feedback about how to improve the track, tips and suggestions (if it needs it).
  • How to know when the track is finished.
  • What to watch out for when exporting and sending off premasters.
  • Areas for improvement for you to work on and to improve as a producer/ artist overall.

Please make sure you send private Soundcloud links with download and comments enabled. This way we can load it up and properly analyse the tracks in depth and possibly comment on the Soundcloud links themselves using timestamps

This Service is for Single track Advice and does NOT include mastering.

  • Flat Price:
  • £60

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