Mix Bus Processing

At Woodlands Studios, we believe that adding that 15% to polish off a mix ahead of Mastering is essential. This service sits as a bridge from final mixdown and final master. So whether you choose us as your Mastering Engineer or not, we want to provide a service where you can run your premasters through a 100% Analogue Circuit for the extra depth, clarity and warmth.

Studio Days with Iglesias

Face-to-Face or Online

Want to learn how to produce from scratch, better your knowledge or learn more advanced processes? Iglesias offers a completely confidential service for all levels of producers.

Studio Days with James - Prok & Fitch

Face-to-Face or Online

Want to learn how to produce from scratch, better your knowledge or learn more advanced processes? Iglesias offers a completely confidential service for all levels of producers.

Prok & Fitch are behind a number of the biggest house records of the past 10 years. Having collaborated with artists like Green Velvet, Solardo, & Pawsa to name a few, their studio skills & versatility have been contributed to them being one of Beatport’s top 10 selling Tech House artists of all time. James works on Cubase and has vast experience with this DAW. If you’re looking how to find inspiration to start your next banger, build your ideas, arrange your tracks, or develop your own signature sound James can help you grow as a producer. Sessions with James will focus more around the creative aspect of producing in his Brighton based studio.

Studio Days & DJ Tuition with Latmun

Face-to-Face only

Woodlands Studio are delighted to unveil Latmun as our new Woodlands Studio tutor!
Latmun has recently had a state of the art, custom-built studio designed and made from scratch in his garden in Nottingham. The studio was designed by an architect with sound being the primary focus, the space boasts full acoustic treatment, spring flooring, custom built studio desk and a trailblazing monitoring system!

Studio Days with Max Chapman

Face-to-Face or Online

Do you need help finishing your records? If you are struggling with any aspect of production, Max can help you with drum and percussion techniques, track progression, improving your mix,  basslines and much more. you name it he can teach you and its all completely confidential.


Final step of audio post-production

At Woodlands studio, our mastering engineer will use state-of-the-art analogue equipment and plugins to balance the stereo mix and remove nasty frequencies within the mix so that playback is sounding perfect across all club systems as well as other media playback formats. This ensures that your track sounds as it was intended, whether you’re playing it in your car, a cheap of headphones, on the Radio or on a main stage at a Festival.

Full Mixdown + Master

In-depth Mixdown and Mastering Processes

At Woodlands Studio, we feel that mixing is a crucial part of the process and a very important final stage when finishing off a record. Setting the vocals at the right level, making the bass and drums sit tight in the mix, finding the right reverbs/ delays and ensuring there is enough width and depth in your record.

Stem Mixing

Need to reach that last 20% with you Mixdowns?

At Woodlands Studio, we can accept and provide any file type, sample rate, and bit depth. We welcome feedback and client input with open arms and will view the back and forth communication as an essential part of the process when stem mixing. This is because when it comes to stem mixing, we are there to enhance what you have already done and add that extra flair that often a second set of ears are able to achieve.

Single Track In-depth Advice & Feedback

Understand more about your own music

This service is for producers that want some in-depth advice on their productions before either sending off to labels as demos, sending off to be mixed and/ or mastered or to just have some piece of mind that it will sound good on any club sound system and other playback formats. Often clients are not sure if the track is totally finished and ready to be sent off without making endless amounts of adjustments and tweaks.

1 to 1 online career advice with a top agent / manager

Want to get your music to big labels? Want to play more gigs? Want to play bigger gigs?

This services is all about helping people progress within their music industry careers and helping people grow and develop into an artist in this heavily saturated scene. Grab some advice now from an Industry leading Agent/ Manger.

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