1 to 1 Online Sessions with Iglesias


Iglesias has spent hours on end designing a brand new working environment that is the ideal shape with perfect acoustic treatment and crystal clear monitoring to make it as easy as possible to understand what you are listening to and trying to create. By working online you are able to hear exactly what Iglesias is hearing in your own listening environment. This is perfect for those who cannot travel to the studio or those who are based outside of the UK.

This innovative online music production session is open to all levels of producers and will be focused on Logic Pro X. Iglesias is an expert with Logic and can teach you from scratch the very basics or teach those the more advanced aspects and processes of the software. The online sessions are designed to develop your creative abilities as a producer whether you are doing this for fun or to advance your musical career. Every online session includes interactive mentoring from Iglesias who will not hold back in sharing his extensive music industry experiences and production knowledge during your 1-2-1 sessions. You will be able to talk with, see and hear everything that Iglesias is teaching on a live stream straight to your home set up. A high speed internet set up is required to reduce and lag on your end of the live stream.

The production services we will be offering are primarily on Logic Pro X but can still be applied to your workflow on Ableton. A clear understanding of Ableton is needed if you use this as your primary working DAW.


  • Arrangement/ Track Layout
  • Sampling
  • Know your DAW (Software Knowledge)
  • Midi Instruments
  • Producing in Key
  • Gain Theory/ Balancing
  • Basic FX
  • Exporting
  • Music Industry Knowledge
  • Quick Mastering


  • Sound Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Advanced FX
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Sound Design For Different Environments
  • Advanced Beat Making


  • Advanced Mixing
  • Advanced workflow techniques
  • Advanced drum work arrangement
  • Advanced Mastering
  • Label Contacts


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