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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Old-School-Breaks-Sample-Pack-2-300x300.jpg

    Glitch Loops

    Sometimes a little extra spice and texture is needed to add unique flavour and depth to a stripped back track. Glitches, Atmospheric, synth stabs, pops, and stutters are the mainstay of this original sample pack collection which is packed with 50 manipulated loops all quantised to 128bpm. All sounds have been made from scratch and meticulously resampled….(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Iglesias-Authentic-Drum-Grooves-300x300.jpg

    Iglesias Authentic Drum Grooves

    Woodlands Studio are proud to release Iglesias’ signature Drum Grooves and Fills as our latest edition to the Artist Pack Collection. The Authentic Drum Grooves sample pack is full of the drum loops and fills that you would expect to hear in every one of Iglesias’ records. All drums are recorded using the…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Minimal-Percussive-Glitch-Loops-WEB-300x300.jpg

    Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops

    Encompassing 100 analog processed glitched loops and textures – Woodlands Studio are proud to present Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops. Glitches came about in the late 1990s as technology progressed and computer-aided composition slowly eclipsed the traditional analogue approach which has now become a huge aid and trend….(continued)

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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Old-School-Breaks-Sample-Pack-1-300x300.jpg

    Old School Breaks

    Meticulously sampled from old school funk, hip hop and house – Woodlands Studio presents Old School Breaks. A chunky selection of drum sections that will provide a formidable strength to your beats.  TThese ruff drum loops have been sampled from old school records and ideal for beat makers in need of classic sounds and warm textured rhythms on demand…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/RSquared-Artist-Sample-Pack-300x300.png

    RSquared Artist Sample Pack

    We’re thrilled to join forces with RSquared and release their first ever Artist sample pack. This pack is loaded with some of their most signature sounds giving you a broad range into their love for Disco/80’s aswell as deep tech. In the pack you’ll find 30 Bass Loops to add driving low end to your productions…(continued)
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  • Sale!

    The Ultimate Sample Bundle Vol. 1

    Woodlands Studio are proud to present the Ultimate Woodlands Sounds Sample Pack. This is a complete sound pallet of all our sample packs combined into one. With over 2gb and 575 samples ranging from percussive loops, percussive one shots, bass loops, synths, glitch loops and more – this is the perfect pack to get your creative juices flowing. 
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Twisted-Glitchy-Vocals-Web-300x300.jpg

    Twisted Glitchy Vocals

    Glitchy vocals are often difficult to create and often time consuming which is why Woodlands Studio are proud to present the ‘Twisted Glitchy Vocals’ sample pack. y Chopping up vocal one shots and mangling them with FX, we have created something that we feel works well at either filling out a break down, used as a main element or improving…(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Vermona-Drum-Machine-IMAGE-300x300.png

    Vermona Drum Machine One Shots

    At Woodlands Studio we always try to be ahead of the game in the samples and services that we provide and this time is no different. We are happy to share with you all the Vermona Drum Machine Sample Set. The Vermona the DRM1 MKIII offers eight perfectly matched analogue drum and percussion instruments with amazing...(continued)
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Vintage-Breaks-Fills-Sample-Pack-300x300.png

    Vintage Breaks & Fills

    Inspired by well known classic grooves. Woodlands Studio’s Vintage Breaks and Fills sample pack is a must have for any electronic music producer. Using them as full loops, chopped percussion hits or utilising them as glueing tools within you drum arrangements will no doubt bring some vintage and organic warmth to your records. This pack …(continued)
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