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    Black Box Analog Design

    Saturation, harmonics, natural compression, higher RMS, and enhancement can all be added with the HG2. We will discover the sweet spot of your audio, feed the pentode tube into the triode tube and help glue your mix together. We will add a saturation stage to get even more tone, with the option to specify what frequency range strikes the transformers. This is a favourite of ours when processing our mix bus.
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  • https://woodlands.studio/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/silver-bullet-300x161.jpg

    Silver Bullet

    The Silver Bullet enriches your audio with two API and Neve inspired Mojo amps, making it a modern way for adding traditional analogue tone to your mix bus. With the unique ability to combine both API and Neve tones you can bind your mix together like a vintage recording console to get that polished finish. Subtlety is key with this bad boy.
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