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Welcome to the Woodlands Studio & Plugin Alliance download page for WS Lowend.
If you have been lucky enough to purchase our plugin during our flash sale with Plugin Alliance then please download the format of your choice and after installing the plugin enter your license key to activate it.
System Requirements



4 GB RAM –

4 GB free disk space on the system drive –


Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, 10.14 or higher recommended –


Minimum: 1024×768 –

Recommended: 1280×1024 / 1600×1024 –


1 GHz Intel Dual/M1 Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC) –



– 4 GB RAM

– 4 GB free disk space on the system drive


– Windows 7 & above


– Minimum: 1024×768

– Recommended: 1280×1024 / 1600×1024


– 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)

WS Lowend Installation Guide

Click here to download the WS Lowend installation guide

WS Lowend Manual 1.0

Click here to download the WS Lowend 1.0 manual

How to use it

The famous ‘low-end trick’ comes into play when a selected frequency is boosted and cut simultaneously, using non-linear modelling to match the original unit. As the boost and cut frequencies don’t overlap, the process doesn’t cancel itself out. Instead, it creates some incredible EQ curves, which can be used for individual sound sources, sub-groups and even on your final mixbus. The Boost control has a slightly higher gain than the cut has and the frequencies affected are slightly different when selecting a single band. The EQ curve that results when boost and cut are used simultaneously are difficult to describe with words and difficult to recreate using other standard EQ plugins. Think of it as a low-end squeeze.

You can be as subtle or as crazy as you want to be, with its internal clipping already programmed within the plugin. The input and outputs are very transparent and accurate, and should be used to balance the signal coming in as well as going out. By focusing on the low-end, we were able to change how the curves work towards the top end. This means that adjustments on the top end with other third party plugins after use should be minimal to none.

Woodlands Studio has designed this plugin to be easy and intuitive to use which is the reason that we have not created any presets, as every piece of music needs a slightly different shape at the bottom end. Go crazy or be subtle – the choice is yours.

Plugin Overview


Woodlands Studio created the WS Lowend plugin through a process of rigorous testing and coding to replicate the most famous low-end trick in mixing just for you. Use the plugin on your own music to get that recognisable, classic sound found in the original hardware released in 1951.

WS Lowend’s ability to easily boost and cut the same frequency simultaneously is a factor that was well thought out in its GUI (Interface) and code via the clever link functionality. Featuring smooth, sweet EQ and a high-quality tube audio signal path, WS LOWEND is known for its versatility and ease of use. Grab a knob, twist it and everything at the bottom end sounds great.

The filters alter adjacent frequencies to the ones selected and have been programmed to work as close as possible to the original hardware. This is in terms of frequency curvature but with the addition of more frequencies to choose from and features not found in the original unit. This allows the plugin to be used on a wider range of audio sources, rather than just on your kick and bass.

By modelling this plugin on various hardware emulations and plugins, you can now achieve the best of both worlds whilst creating its own unique frequency curves and tonality.


I want to try out the plugin before I commit to purchase it. How do I go about this?

We strongly encourage everyone tries before they buy. At the top right of the page there is a Try Now button which will allow you to demo the plugin. Please be aware that although all functionalities of the plugin will be available to be used and tested, audio will cut out every 30 seconds in this demo version. Essentially you will not be able to export/ bounce out tracks when using the demo version. With the full license activated, this will not be the case and the plugin will work as you expect it to.

Are there any videos online I can see this plugin being used and when/ what I would use it for?

Of course! At the top of the page there is a button for images and videos. If you click on the videos a playlist will appear and you can check out some of the videos we have done using the WS Lowend. We use the plugin on a wide range of sound sources and styles for you to listen to and get a good understanding of what the plugin is doing.

I have just purchased the license but can’t find it in my account? Where will the plugin and license be sent to?

The WS Lowend plugin is a separate purchase to your Woodlands Studio account. When you purchase a plugin it will be sent to the email that you have provided at checkout. If you decide to pay with Paypal, please check that email address for your plugin and license codes. If you cannot see the confirmation email, please check your junk/ spam folders as sometimes it can make it’s way into them depending on your email settings.

I am having some issues installing the plugin and need some support with this. Who can I get in contact with?

We have a support email set up for this and we aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Although we very varly have any issues when it comes to installing, we are of course hear to help and get you set up! Before contacting us, please try and delete the erroneous copy from your computer, re-download the installer, try installing again and ensure you have an internet connection. If this does not work, please contact to help get set up.

Why are my presets missing?

The WS Lowend plugin does not come with any presets. The reason for this is that the plugin is incredibly easy to use and every piece of audio needs it’s own care and attention. You can of course sae your own presets when you use the plugin.


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