Studio Days

Iglesias has spent hours on end designing a brand new working environment that is the ideal shape with perfect acoustic treatment and crystal clear monitoring to make it as easy as possible to understand what you are listening to and trying to create. The studio has a small kitchen, an en-suite bathroom and the main control room with a sofa, air-conditioning, relaxing area and a custom built desk. The studio is based in Thatcham which is around 1 hour from London and 30 minutes from Reading.

These studio days are primarily focused on producers that already know a bit about their DAW and that have been producing for a while. We feel that you need to have given it a proper go yourself before seeking additional advice and learning more in depth techniques yourself. Having said that, we am more than happy to teach clients who has never opened up Logic in their life.

Ideally you should have a few tracks finished and under your belt but not necessarily signed to any labels – that’s what we are here for. We will spend time improving the track/s as well as furthering your understanding of software such as Logic & Ableton, going over some tips and tricks to get your music heard by labels and other important people in the industry.

The production services we will be offering are primarily on Logic Pro X but can still be applied to your workflow on Ableton. A clear understanding of Ableton is needed if you use this as your primary working DAW.


  • Arrangement/ Track Layout
  • Sampling
  • Know your DAW (Software Knowledge)
  • Midi Instruments
  • Producing in Key
  • Gain Theory/ Balancing
  • Basic FX
  • Exporting
  • Music Industry Knowledge
  • Quick Mastering


  • Sound Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Advanced FX
  • Advanced Sampling
  • Sound Design For Different Environments
  • Advanced Beat Making


  • Advanced Mixing
  • Advanced workflow techniques
  • Advanced drum work arrangement
  • Advanced Mastering
  • Label Contacts


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