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Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops



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Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops

Encompassing 100 analog processed glitched loops and textures – Woodlands Studio are proud to present Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops. Glitches came about in the late 1990s as technology progressed and computer-aided composition slowly eclipsed the traditional analogue approach which has now become a huge aid and trend when producing Minimal records. Glitches, pops, stutters and all manner of chemical electro samples and loops are the mainstay of this truly inspired and original sample collection which have been meticulously sampled and chopped using both digital and analogue processing to create the ultimate Minimal Glitch Pack. This new sample pack allows huge possibilities for artists who are no longer confined to standard sequenced percussion grooves, synth melodies, vocals and samples. We have designed a pack so you don’t have to do the hard work. Add new effects, chop out samples and use new creative processing on top of these loops to make them your own or use them as standard. We have divided these packs into 10 different styles of glitches so that you can pair loops together with similar grooves to get your creative juices flowing immediately.

This sample pack is available in industry-standard 24-bit Wav with all files tempo synced at 128bpm.

  • 10 x Different Percussive Glitch Styles
  • 100 x Minimal Percussive Glitch Loops



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