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Analogue Drum Fills



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Analogue Drum Fills

Our in house production team bring you Analogue Drum Fills which contains 70 live sounding drum fills for use in all of your music productions to bridge gaps and create smooth transitions. Whether you are crafting a break down with an intense build up, looking to bridge the gaps in mini breaks or just to create smoother transitions within your drums, rest assured this sample pack has you covered. As always, all samples have been processed outside of the box and this time run through an SSL G Bus Compressor and an SSL Fusion to bring warmth, character and punch to these drum fills.

This sample pack is available in industry-standard 24-bit Wav with all files tempo synced at 126bpm.

  • Style 1 > 21 Variations
  • Style 2 > 21 Variations
  • Style 3 > 28 Variations


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