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Voxillion PA_EXT Redemption





This product is only for customers who have purchased a license to Voxilion during our Plugin Alliance PA_EXT Flash Sales. Once downloaded, you will need to install and run the plugin. You will then be prompted to enter a license key provided in your Plugin Alliance confirmation email. Voxillion will be activated for 7 days as a trial until you enter you PA_EXT license  key.


The ultimate vocal processing plugin that will replace your whole vocal chain. Combining the most popular industry standard effects into one powerful plugin.


The first and most natural musical instrument is the human voice. Voxillion is a stunning and sophisticated system that was created exclusively for your vocals. It is a high-end blend of a tube-driven preamp, 2 types of carefully designed compressors, Nasal Dynamic EQs, Harmonics and much more.

Voxillion was created to replace your long vocal chains and allow a faster, more streamlined approach to vocal mixing and processing. We are proud to say that it exhibits some of the best emulated tube circuitry on the market and accurately emulates each individual module to mirror the hardware that we modelled.

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