Mix Bus Processing


At Woodlands Studios, we believe that adding that 15% to polish off a mix ahead of Mastering is essential. This service sits as a bridge from final mixdown and final master. So whether you choose us as your Mastering Engineer or not, we want to provide a service where you can run your premasters through a 100% Analogue Circuit for the extra depth, clarity and warmth.

Once you are happy with how your track sounds, please choose 3 different analogue processes you would like us to use and we will decide which order is best in terms of signal flow. If needed, we may use a digital EQ to clean up your premaster so that the mix is balanced before going through the analog chain. You must choose 1 analogue process from each stage below: EQ, Saturation, Compression. As this is an analog process, revisions are not included and will have to be re-uploaded as settings are not saved for this service. If there is an issue with the service that is caused by our engineers such as clicks, pops or skips, then free revisions are of course included.

Before you submit! Click here for our terms and conditions
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with your mix before you send us the premaster
  • Ensure you allow plenty of headroom for us (ideally -6db)
  • Provide 1 stereo premaster at either 44.1khz or 48khz, 24bit.
  • When exporting/ bouncing, make sure dithering and normalising is turned off.
  • Please remove all processing from your master channel including compressors and limiters
  • There are no revisions for this service as it is 100% analog and we will not be saving the settings. If there is an issue on our side w will offer a free revision.
  • Processing to your mix bus are subtle so please bare that in mind, the goal of this is to enhance your premaster rather than do major fixes to it.
  • We will use a digital EQ to do any clean ups that are needed prior to analog processing if the track needs it.
  • If a track is not ready for analog processing we will send you back detailed advisories to change/ fix before we begin.
  • This service cannot be used alongside 24 hour turnaround masters. If you select a 24 hour turnaround to go with the mix bus processing, we will put you as a priority but cannot promise that a 24 hour turnaround will be guaranteed.
  • When exporting/ bouncing, make sure dithering and normalising is turned off.

Follow the step by step guide below to select you processing chain

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Select your EQ

Iron Age Audio Works EQ


The LH95 gives your mix a vintage class A inductor tone. A Baxandall low and high shelf, as well as a peaked mid band with six presence frequencies, are implemented using three discrete gain blocks. We will fine-tune your shelf, use the low and high pass filters to get enormous bass or sculpted highs. This is a secret weapon of ours.

SSL Fusion


The SSL Fusion is a source of refined analogue character, and it's the latest sonic sweetener from one of the great masters of analogue. We will use a selection of 5 analogue processors to give your music a range of colour that can only be found in analogue hardware. A fantastic technique to achieve natural-sounding harmonic distortion, smooth EQ boosts and cuts, tape-like high-frequency compression, pleasant stereo image control, and transformer saturation for authentic analogue richness!

Pultec EQP1A


With this classic smooth sounding EQ, soak your music in the warmth of tubes and transformers. It is hard to find a piece of hardware or software that can match Pultec's legendary magic of simultaneous boosting and cutting in overlapping frequencies. Your sound will benefit from actual analogue processing thanks to its inductor type filters, Cinemag input/output transformers, and tube girth.

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