Hybrid Mastering


At Woodlands studio, we offer all types of mastering services using the best analog and digital equipment in an accurate, acoustically treated environment to bring your music to a professional and commercially competitive level. Our hybrid mastering service is currently our best selling mastering experience combining the analogue and digital world in perfect harmony. If you are after that sort after analogue warmth, depth, clarity and character from our out board hardware, whilst retaining a powerful punch and a competitively ‘loud’ master with our industry standard plugins – our “Hybrid Mastering” service is the perfect solution. Analogue mastering typically colours your music in a very pleasing way. The transients become slightly softer (hence the warmth), the frequency response in tern lends itself to a warmer overall tone and new harmonics are created. If you are used to using analogue gear to produce your music, it only makes sense to include this in the final print of your records.

Our Hybrid Mastering setup utilises the benefits of both computer-aided software and most importantly; the warmth, depth and iconic sound from our analogue Neve 8816 summing mixer, SSL Fusion 2U stereo outboard processor, an SSL G Bus Compressor, a Black Box Analog Design HG- and a Bettermaker Mastering Compressor. This is all captured through one of the worlds leading audio interfaces and high end cabling for every bit of detail. With a huge flexibly when it comes to routing in and out of the box, our choices are endless. We save all settings and write down any changes made when working outside of the box to ensure that fast recall recovery is always available for any tweaks or changes that need to be adjusted after you receive you master. 

How to send your music?

  • Check your final mix with after a break and with fresh ears – tired ears won’t give you a proper mix reference.
  • Check you aren’t unintentionally clipping anywhere in your mix.
  • If you can, check your mix in mono and stereo and on different speakers
  • Make sure the level of your track peaks between -6db and -3db. If the overall sum of your tracks are above -3db; please rebalance your individual tracks in your project to hit these levels on your master output channel. Do not use your master fader to adjust to hit these levels.
  • Remove all plugins from the master output channel (ie Compression, Maximisers, Limiters, Tape emulators etc…).
  • When exporting/ bouncing, make sure dithering and normalising is turned off.
  • Leave some silence at the start and end of your track.
  • Allow reverb/ delays/ fx to play out at the end of the track when suitable
  • Send a 24bit WAV premaster of your track
  • Critically listen to your premaster before hand. Ensure that you are happy with the final result before the mastering stage. Don’t rely too much on the mastering engineer to ‘fix’ big issues and problems in your mix.
  • Once you are happy, please upload to WeTransfer using the link function or any other similar file hosting websites and paste the link in the order page for us to download. Do not send separate wetransfer emails.
  • Remember not to leave your tracks until the last minute of a deadline. Allow us enough time to master your tracks properly.
  • If you are ensure whether your track is ready, please use our ‘In-depth Feedback Service‘ before hand for further guidance.
  • Please not that printing your music takes as long as the track length is and so therefore we offer 1 free revision. Additional fees will be calculated once the master is returned and additional notes/ feedback are exchanged between our engineer and the client.

Hybrid Master

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