Full Mixdown + Master


What to leave on and take off?

We like to have a clean slate when it comes to mixing your track. Please remove all EQ and any compression unless it is for production purpose only and any FX that are not necessary. If an element sounds strange when you have removed the effects/ processing or isn’t how you intended it to sound then you can leave them on. Please also make sure that when you export your channels, turn off dithering and normalizing when exporting/bouncing and all plugins are removed from the master output channel.

  • If you have sampled a percussion and needed to remove 7khz and above, then the EQ can stay on.
  • If you have added or subtracted EQ for the sake of it, take this off.
  • Any FX that don’t add to the production can be taken off. This includes reverbs, delays, echoes etc.
  • If you remove an important effect that has purposely change the sound, pitching, effects racks etc.. these can stay on.
  • If you are still unsure of how to prepare your track, feel free to contact us.

How to send your music?

Please send your mixed version as a WAV file separately when sending over the zipped folder as a reference so we can hear what you intended the track to sound.

Put all the audio files into a compressed zip file and upload this to WeTransfer or a similar file hosting website.


We will return the mix and ask for this to be sorted if it is not sent correctly or may charge an additional fee if you are unable to make the changes.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to exceptionally high demand the current turnaround time for mixes and masters is 7 – 14 days. Please ensure you use a file hosting tool where the files can be stored and shared for longer than 7 days.

Flat Price

  • 1-25 Channels:
  • £250
  • 25-45 Channels:
  • £280
  • 45-65 Channels:
  • £310
  • 65-85 Channels:
  • £350
  • 85+ Channels:
  • £400

What do you get in return?

  • 1x WAV Hybrid Premaster
  • 1x WAV Hybrid Master

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